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Product knowledge


The green bird induction lighting series is divided into sound and light control, human body induction and radar induction.

Acousto-optic control lamp:it needs sound to be induced: LED acousto-optic control lamp integrates sound control, light control, delay automatic control technology into one, built-in sound sensor, light effect sensor.

Human body induction lamp:is to sense the temperature of the human body, human body induction lamp is a use of infrared, pyroelectric principle of induction of human activity information design, research and development of a new technology, specifically for the detection and induction of human activity information products.

Radar induction lamp:it is the induction of moving objects, also known as radar induction LED lamp is based on the Doppler effect, the use of the most advanced plane antenna, can effectively suppress the interference of high-order harmonics and other clutter, high sensitivity, reliability, safety and convenience, intelligent energy-saving, intelligent building and property management modernization first choice product.

Green bird light control lamp holder: Choose ABS shell plastic, choose incandescent lamp, LED lamp, energy-saving lamp three kinds of lamp can be universal IC program, choose large chip silicon controlled transistor, load incandescent lamp 100W, energy-saving lamp 45W, LED lamp 65W, and the product is 100% testing function, bad rate is less than one thousandth.

Green bird light control small switch module: 

Choose ABS shell plastic, choose incandescent lamp, LED lamp, energy-saving lamp three kinds of lamp can be universal IC scheme, choose large chip silicon controlled transistor, load incandescent lamp 100W, energy-saving lamp 45W, LED lamp 65W, and the product is 100% testing function, the bad rate is less than one thousandth, is the roof lamp other lighting product transformation. Acousto-optic control induction lamp very favorable and convenient induction module, installation is very convenient, 2 red line power supply, 2 black line light fixture, note: this module is only an induction switch, does not contain driving and light source.


Low voltage lighting & full voltage lighting series

Low-voltage lighting all have low-voltage fluorescent lamp, low-voltage bulb lamp, low-voltage projector lamp, low-voltage energy-saving lamp, low-voltage ceiling lamp, low-voltage lamp, and so on.

Green Bird Lighting is a professional low-voltage lighting factory, what is low-voltage lighting, we often lower than 220V voltage 5V 6V 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 110V 127V called low-voltage.

Full voltage is or wide voltage is: 85V-265V or 110V-265V voltage range can be used normally LED lights, called full voltage and wide voltage, and then divided into two cases, one is true full voltage, that is, voltage from 85V (110V) - 265V, LED lamp power will not change with the voltage change, regardless of electricity. How the voltage changes in this range, the current supplied to the lamp beads is constant, which is called true wide voltage, and there is a voltage in 85V (110V) - 265V, the range with the voltage changes in power has been changing, not the true meaning of the full voltage LED lamp, but the lamp is still wide voltage start, known as false wide voltage

V is voltage and low voltage can be divided into AC and DC

Alternating current is the electricity generated by civil electric generator.

DC means electricity generated by batteries, electric vehicles, solar energy and so forth.

Alternating current is called AC ,Direct current for DC

Our company's customers need such bulbs often called 110V 127V bulbs are actually 85V, 110V-220V-265V wide voltage bulbs

Applied to any country in the world, as well as South America and North America, 110V voltage 127V countries, and domestic mines in those places where voltage instability 5W 5C2B


AC100V-265V/7W/E27 tyrant Jin Heng Heng bubble, 7 string 2 and 5730 beads. Plate diameter 65mm.

AC100V-265V/9W/E27 tyrant Jin Heng Heng bubble, 9 string 2 and 5730 beads. Plate diameter 74mm.

AC100V-265V/12W/E27 tyrant Jin Heng Heng bubble, 12 string 2 and 5730 beads. Plate diameter 88mm.


Charging & Emergency bulb series

Emergency lighting system is mainly independent control type with its own power supply. Normal power supply is connected to the ordinary lighting power supply circuit. It usually charges the emergency lamp battery. When the normal power supply is cut off, the standby power supply (battery) automatically supplies power. This type of emergency lamp has a large number of electronic components such as voltage conversion, voltage stabilization, charging, inversion, battery and so on. When the emergency lamp is in use, overhaul and failure, the battery must be charged and discharged.

According to the voltage, the green bird emergency bulb is divided into:

5V-6V Low Voltage USB Charging Bulb Lamp and High Voltage 165V-265V Resistance-capacitance Emergency Bulb Lamp, High Voltage 85V-265V Constant Current IC Emergency Bulb Lamp

According to the type of driving, the constant current emergency bulb lamp is divided into:

Integrated emergency, semi bright and constant current emergency, split drive full bright emergency, split half bright and constant current emergency

According to the shell of emergency bulb, plastic is divided into

PP plastic, ABS plastic, PC plastic or PBT plastic shell, plastic shape is divided into emergency high guard, emergency dome, emergency flashlight, emergency flying saucer, emergency money and so on.


LED fresh light series

LED fresh lamp is a new generation of special lighting designed for fresh food lighting. Through the principle of mixed color design, it overcomes the spectral defect of LED lamp, shows the lighting effect close to or even better than the traditional light source, highlights the color characteristics of fresh food, and effectively improves the attraction of fresh food area to customers. In addition, the cold light source technology originated from LED (the spectrum does not contain infrared and ultraviolet rays), effectively prolonging the shelf life of fresh food.
Types of green bird Lantern: according to the color of the shell, it is mainly red, green and so on

According to the lamp beads, they are divided into 57302835 parts: patch, straw hat, lamp bead, COB lamp bead and so on.

According to the number of beads is divided into: 48 beads patch 5730/75 beads 5730/120 beads 5730 102 beads 2835 480 beads straw hat according to voltage is divided into 12V 12V-85V 85V-265V 165V-265V and so on.


Colorful magic ball and RGB colorful lighting series

The Magic Ball and RGB lighting series uses red, green, blue or colorful beads to rotate the multi-diamond lens of the hood with a rotating motor so as to achieve colorful and particularly beautiful lighting; or through the control of the IC program, the RGB beads are constantly changing or stabilizing in a user's desired color. A color lighting product. Known as colorful lighting series

AC200-230V/3W/RCC plastic rod colorful magic ball, 3 R, G, B imitation lumen Chip Bead motor quality is better.

AC200-230V/3W/RCC iron bar magic ball, 3 R, G, B imitation lumen patch beads. The motor quality is better AC85-265V/3W/constant current IC iron glue rod colorful magic ball, three R, G, B imitation lumen patch lamp beads. The quality of the motor is better AC85-265V/3W/constant current IC iron rod colorful magic ball, three R, G, B Lumen patch lamp beads. Motor quality is better.


DC12V/3W/RCC iron bar magic ball, 3 R, G, B imitation lumen patch beads. Motor quality is better.

DC12V-85V3W/RCC iron bar magic ball, 3 R, G, B imitation lumen patch beads. Motor quality is better.


Colorful magic balls are divided into IC and RCC drivers.

According to the voltage, it can be divided into: 12V 12V-85V 85V-265V 165V-265V

The lamp is divided into: RGB stands for red, green and blue.

And the size of the RGB chip is very important.

This kind of lamp bead is the appearance of 1W is actually divided into 0.3, 0.5, 0.75 1W four kinds.

The current 0.3*1W (280MA) =8 is driven by 0.3W.

0.5 of 0.5*280 equals 140 current.

About 280 of 0.75 of 200-210 or so of 1W should not exceed this range value.

And the chip of the lamp is more and more, the lamp bead is more expensive, such as low voltage magic ball 12V-85V.

The 0.5W driver needs about 140, while the 1W driver needs about 280.

If you want to reduce the cost, you can reduce the drive current and choose a lower power bulb, but the effect is not so beautiful.


Three stage dimming and SCR dimming series

The three-stage color changing series refers to the drive controlled by a segmented IC. On the bulb board, there are three groups of circuits. One is white light, the other is yellow light, and the other is mixed light. . Thyristor dimming refers to the use of a wall-controlled silicon dimming switch to adjust the brightness of a bulb lamp. Of course, this bulb lamp is equipped with a special controllable silicon-controlled drive, in order to achieve the purpose of adjusting brightness, especially for bedside lights, Hotel lights and various occasions that need to adjust the brightness of the lamp.


LED general lighting + mosquito killing mosquito repellent lighting series The illumination part adopts linear constant current scheme, the actual power can reach 8.2-12W, which can be used for daily lighting. The middle part is mosquito-killing grid. The voltage of mosquito-killing network is close to 850-1400V. The middle mosquito-killing lamp adopts purple light trap straw hat lamp beads of 460-485 wave band, which has considerable suction for mosquitoes. Gravitation, and through the switch can achieve lighting + mosquito killing / only mosquito killing double lighting mode, and can be customized 110V, 127V and other voltage LED dual-purpose mosquito repellent lamps, mosquitoes fear the light wave 530-590nm, is the most beneficial to the human eye, visual fatigue is the least, see the clearest light wave, so during the day people work or work, mosquitoes are Hidden in the shade, using switch intelligent drive, the first section is white light, the second section is orange light, mosquitoes do not like the light is orange light, the use of mosquitoes fear the orange light to drive mosquitoes, this is the principle of mosquito-repellent bulb, widely used in homes, hotels, breeding Colonies, rural courts, etc.


High power engineering lighting series

LED high-power lighting as the fourth generation of electric light source, endowed with the "green lighting source", with small size, safe low voltage, long life, electro-optic conversion efficiency, fast response, energy saving, environmental protection and other excellent characteristics, will replace the traditional incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and fluorescent lamp and become a new generation of light source in the 21st century. High-power LED lighting has a broad application prospect in outdoor engineering, workshop, warehouse, greenhouse, oil field, petrochemical, railway, mining, military and other special industries, urban landscape lighting, display screen and sports venues, and special working lamps and lanterns. In Green Bird Lighting Factory, the LED lights above 50W are collectively referred to as high-power lighting, commonly used wattage is: 50W80W100W150W200W - 1000W and so on.

Thousands of silver high-power lighting bulb series

One hundred and fifty thousand feet silver 50W 100W150W, 100W150W with fans, high brightness 125LM-135LM/W with PCT bracket bracket high temperature 2835 lamp beads, high-grade car aluminum shell, PC material high transmittance cover, products used in the factory workshop warehouse with high brightness requirements, etc. occasions, can be added an aluminum cover, to achieve a one-second workpiece. Change of light

High power lighting industrial and mining lamps series

The 50W100W150W industrial and mining lamp uses high brightness 125LM-135LM/W copper bracket bracket with PCT to resist high temperature 2835 lamp beads, the shell uses high-grade thick enough electroplated spinning aluminum, PC material high light transmission cover products are applied to the factory workshop warehouse with high brightness requirements, etc., but also can be waterproof and dust-proof and other advantages.


Solar energy lighting series 

Solar energy lamp is based on the principle of the volt effect of solar cells, solar cells absorb solar photon energy during the day, through the controller to charge the battery pack, in the evening battery to provide electricity to DC lamp load. The DC controller can ensure that the storage battery will not be damaged by overcharging or overdischarging in sunny or rainy weather. It also has the functions of light control, voice control, temperature compensation, lightning protection and polarity protection. The main solar energy lighting products of Green Bird Lighting are: solar energy flashlight emergency series, remote control and inductive solar wall lamp series, solar street lamp series, solar energy projection lamp series and so on.