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Why Us

1、We have more than ten years of lighting product manufacturing experience, there are driving production lines, can produce various types of LED drive products, there are welding production lines, can be manually or machine welding a variety of driver, light source board, lighting semi-finished products, finished products and so on.




  2、Green Bird Lighting has many electronic engineers. Senior engineers are hired from famous lighting companies. We can help customers design and develop various LED lighting products with technical content or need innovative ideas.


  3、We began to produce low-voltage DC and AC energy-saving lighting products in 2007, and began to develop and manufacture low-voltage LED lighting products in 2012, which is one of the first batch of low-voltage AC and DC LED lighting enterprises in China.


  4、Green Bird Lighting was one of the first batch of constant current emergency bulb factory in China at that time. During the five-year manufacturing process, it accumulated a lot of practical experience about emergency bulb battery, driving power, lighting source, production testing and so on.


  5、Green Bird Lighting has purchased a variety of electronic LED products testing equipment, and set up a black room testing wall, charging and discharging testing wall, AC/DC lighting conversion system, can be very professional and effective testing of a variety of acoustooptic control, radar, human body and other sensing products. Besides, it also has a variety of charging and discharging bulb lamps, emergency bulb lamp testing equipment, which can be used for more complex charging and discharging, emergency functions and so on.


6、Green Bird Lighting has strong R&D capability and manufacturing experience, and can develop and manufacture LED lighting products suitable for various voltage products in any country and region of the world. Callers or samples are welcome to discuss customized business.


7、Green Bird Lighting Factory is not only a professional bulb lamp manufacturing factory, but also the main accessories of bulb lamp, such as driving, battery, shell and welding plate, are manufactured by ourselves. At the same time, we also manufacture a large number of LED lighting products, such as LED fluorescent lamp, LED hard lamp, LED projector, LED radar tube lamp, LED iodine tungsten lamp and so on. It is one of our business principles that we do not adjust the cargo or not.